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The 5-Step Writing Process for Turning Woo into Wow

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If you do something that’s out of the mainstream, talking about it can feel like nailing Jell-O to the wall. You start out strong and confident but, the more you talk the mushier all the words get. Until…plop…lime Jell-O all over the floor. Ugh…embarrassing.

Somatic coaching? Cranial sacral therapy? Vibrational healing? BioEnergetiX Body-Field Scan? Ancestral lineage healing?

It’s all really good stuff!

But here’s the truth: you’ve gotta learn to write and talk about what you do, so people don't walk away confused, or give you that look. (Yes, you know the one.)

You need to put yourself out there in a way that sparks curiosity, not confusion.

Ready to put that Jell-O in a mold? I bet you are. I’m going to share my personal secret for turning woo into wow.

Let’s do it.

My 5-Step Writing Process for Turning Woo into Wow

Step 1: Results

Ask yourself, “What results does my work produce for my clients?”

If you're an energy worker, you might highlight stress relief or improving sleep.

If you’re an aroma therapist, your work might improve mood.

If you’re a somatic psychologist, your work might help people feel empowered in their bodies so they can make lasting change.

Step 2: Research

Who’s doing research in the area of your work? Fun tip: do a Google Scholar search to find studies, researchers, and authors that might give you hard data on what you do.

Step 3: Write

Look at the research you’ve found and investigate the ways it informs and relates to the work you do.

I just did a Google Scholar search on aromatherapy and mood, and an article from the International Journal of Neuroscience came up called: “A Scientific Analysis of Olfactory Effects on Mood, Physiology, and Behavior.”

Hey—that’s good stuff!

Step 4: Structure

Go back to that dreaded Jell-O moment and put that blubbering green blob in a mold. Use the research you’ve found to tell a story about the results your work produces. Write it up. Practice saying it out loud.

Step 5: Validate

Sit down with a trusted friend or colleague and test it out. Get their feedback. Once you’ve got the story down, try it out next time you're at a party and someone asks what you do. Treat it like a practice. Eventually, that Jell-O is going to look like a neat row of delicious and intoxicating Mangonada Jell-O Shots.

picture of Jell-O, mango, bottle of vodka and a woman sitting on the beach under umbrella

Are you ready to free up your copywriting Buddha, enlighten your website, blog posts, and emails, and bring out your true, articulate, storytelling Self?


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