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What do I offer that other writers and designers don't?

I'm kind of a walker between the worlds

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Media Maven

Marketing writer
Published illustrator
Web designer
Produced guided meditation
Video producer
Curriculum developer
Business owner for 25+ years
Developed wellness programs for Co-ops
Taught CEUs at Duke University Medical Center
Lecturer with North Carolina Humanities Council
Proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Canva, and Wix

Wellness Practitioner

Certified Professional Coach
25+ years as NC Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist
Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher
Clinical Herbalist
Integrative practitioner
Trauma-informed practitioner
Ancestral lineage healer
Reiki Master
Experienced Educator
Trained in Somatic Educational Leadership
Trained in animist psychology
Bachelor's degree in Writing and Holistic Studies

I'm a certified professional coach

Do you have a gnawing feeling that there’s something you were born to do, but you just can’t get a clear signal on what it is?


When you sit down to write an email, blog, or Instagram post, does your mind go blank? Or when asked what you do, do you find yourself suddenly tongue-tied and inarticulate about what’s so clear in your soul?


It’s so damn frustrating. But don't worry. 


As a graduate of an ICF-accredited program with years of specialized training in embodied techniques I will work with you to clarify your direction + focus, strengthen your creative voice, and generate content and ideas.


Confidence is just around the corner, friend.

Learn more about the Find Your Voice process.

I have a creative writing degree with a focus on holistic studies


With over 15 years of writing experience under my belt, I’ve got specialized training in content and copywriting, script writing, and curriculum development. I keep up to date on the latest in complementary therapies.  I can demystify medical jargon and make complex concepts comprehensible. I've co-authored papers with a healthcare economist for god's sake! If I can make that hospitable, fun, and engaging...I'm not too bad.

I'm an artist, graphic designer, and video producer

I write, paint, sculpt and make things out of leather. I'm a published illustrator. My artwork has been exhibited in galleries in the U.S. and abroad.

I am proficient in Canva, Wix, Procreate, and Adobe Illustrator. I do branding, and design custom websites, logos, brochures, backgrounds, and other pretty things for your website and marketing materials. I've also produced guided meditations and created video content for educational programs. 

I'm a licensed bodywork therapist, registered yoga teacher, and integrative practitioner

Health, wellness, and personal development are my life. I've worked in health and wellness for over 25 years and have hundreds of continuing education hours in coaching, trauma-informed therapies, integrative medicine, somatics, and psychology. 


So I understand people interested in self-care. My experience and practice give me clarity on your ideal client. I can see things and write from their perspective because I' could be one of them!

I'm an improvisational theatre performer


I'm a joy-hunter. Spontaneity, play, and laughing until you pee yourself are some of the best gifts of being alive. I've done stand-up comedy and both long- and short-form improv. Why improv? Because I was scared to death of public speaking. And I knew I had something important to say. Improv taught me that success comes from listening to others, being present with myself, and being a team player.

I'm fast on my feet. I've got razor-sharp wit and I'm willing to take risks. I'll listen to you. I'm committed to bringing my whole self into the work I do, with humor, deep kindness, and a little edge.

I'm a speaker, teacher, and

content strategist

I’ve been on the faculty of the Center for Embodied Education and have provided continuing education for Duke University Medical Center and numerous other institutions. I've developed wellness programs for co-ops and taught classes on complementary approaches to wellness. 


Recently I've given educational talks on the history of sweet tea as part of the North Carolina Humanities Council and created course content for an embodied educational program. 

I'm a dedicated spiritual practitioner

Raised Irish Catholic, I decided at the age of 8 that if girls couldn’t be priests, then I was outta there. I took a deep dive into the mystics, gnostics, and pagans in High School. Alarmed, my mom sent me to a Catholic psychologist who turned me on to Indigenous Gaelic traditions and Buddhism.

As a perennial wisdom seeker, I've studied with scientists, poets, magick-makers, Buddhist monks, elders, artists, neurobiologists, and healers.

I find wisdom in many traditions and have a deep respect for all paths that are rooted in love, kindness, and not being an asshole. 

Ready to get started?

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make your difference.

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