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Find Your Voice

Embody your message
stand in your power

A NEW Masterclass Series

for creatives, entrepreneurs, and the 9-5ers that don’t quite fit the mold. 

Be the first to know when this Masterclass goes LIVE. 


Your voice is your identity.

It’s how you present yourself in your life and work. Whether you’re a light-working lawyer, a Feng shui wielding realtor, a sacred music-maker, or do portraits of the honored dead: 


What you do is unique. 


And it’s vital that your business embodies that. 

This is why finding your voice is the first step in whatever we do together. 

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from struggling to being busier than I’ve ever been.

I always felt a little hesitant when talking about what I do. Erin’s Finding Your Voice process helped me uncover my unique voice, values, and mission. Now I talk and write in a way that makes people super curious about my work. I went from struggling to being busier than I’ve ever been. All in under a year! Not only that but, I love what I’m doing again. 

Jackie, Intuitive Coach & Photographer

Is Embody Your Message right for me?

Embody Your Message is for creatives, entrepreneurs, and those working a 9-5 that don’t quite fit the mold. You wear many hats, have lots of ideas, and struggle with the feeling that you're meant for bigger work. You might have an untraditional side hustle (hello lawyer by day/tarot reader by night,) or want to feel more empowered in the workplace so you can make a bigger impact during meetings and presentations. Even if you're just in transition and wondering what your next steps are, this program will help you.




Enroll in the masterclass and get ready to build a  business and life that's fully, authentically, wholly, and amazingly you.


Here's a link to get started. 


Modules 1-3

You'll explore embodied practices, visualizations, and writing exercises to spark your creativity and clarity.


Modules 4-6

Tap into your unique voice,

set your sights on your bigger why, craft a mission and vision statement, and translate that into your brand.


follow up

After you've completed your course, contact me to get a one-on-one assessment. We'll create and design a business and life that's in alignment with your mission and values.

How does Embody Your Message work?

The Embody Your Message masterclass series is released in 6 Modules packed with easy-to-follow videos, audio recordings, inspirational worksheets, and resource lists. The course is self-paced and can be completed online. So if you’re working a traditional 9-5, getting married, launching a business, or going through some big life changes during the 6-week program, no worries! Circle back and revisit the training materials any time. 


Want to know more? Click HERE to preview the curriculum.

Who teaches Embody Your Message?

Listen, even if you feel frustrated by dozens of false starts, fizzled out motivation, and striving for perfectionism--

There's hope.

I'm Erin Coyle, and as a multipassionate person myself, I know what it feels like to have lots of interests, ideas, and the frustration that comes with our culture's "pick one thing and do it until you die" approach. That doesn't work for folks like us. 

I bring my years of experience as a coach, embodied educator, marketing, and content specialist, to show you proven strategies to get you motivated, clear, and able to take action.


Be the first to know when Embody Your Message goes LIVE. 


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