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What are you here to do?

Making Space for Yourself:

A guide to getting what you need

The book

What's the contribution that only you can make during your limited time here on earth?

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Transform division.
Build trust.  Support peace.

We donate 10% of our book sales to the Corrymeela Community. An organization devoted to promoting peace in Ireland, Israel, Palestine, and throughout the world. 
Conflicts can help us understand each other. Brave conversations, openness, and curiosity create a future that works for us all.

The first book in the drawing from the well series

Making Space for Yourself  is a collaboration between two close (but uniquely different) friends. Honest and to-the-point, this little treasure is part literary tool and part contemplative art piece. It offers a healthy dose of inspiration and offers new ways to think about life, self-care, and what it means to be human. We hope you’ll deepen your understanding of yourself, the world, and your relationships within the world.


Get ready to welcome a feeling of peace and contentment and a greater sense of how to live with compassion and enthusiasm. Keep this book to yourself, as a companion to your own meditation practice. Or even better, share it with your friends to deepen and enrich your conversations and relationships.

The result?

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this book connects with people in various stages of life, growth, and development. In writing this book, we thought of teachers, bodyworkers, energy healers, writers, elders, children, spiritual leaders, artists, musicians,
those who seek to unfold and grow:
this book is for you.

“This lovely little book speaks the universal language of the heart, beating in unison with the longing to be fully at peace with the gift of our unique place in creation.”
– Mary E. Harwood, MEd., PBC, PCC

When you read this book, we hope that you:

Gain a greater sense of peace and contentment
Enrich your conversations and relationships
Find joy in discovering your unique gifts
Reignite your enthusiasm for life
Connect with your community
Deepen your personal meditation practice

“...a feast for the eyes and the soul. You will be uplifted and challenged to deeply explore how you think about yourself and who you desire to become.”
 – Nan Cameron, MSN, RN, LA.c

who are these awesome people?

image of old man and young woman smiling

    Erin Coyle       Bernie Kemp

 Artist & Illustrator       Author & Wisdom-giver

Erin and Bernie have been friends for a long time. Despite being born many decades apart they found out they had a lot in common. They were both born in NJ, so they speak the same salty language. They both love food, so they do lunch regularly. And they both share a deep respect for issues of social justice, human rights, environmental stewardship, equity, and peace.

Bernie is a nominally retired economist who taught Erin to take care of herself first, so she can help others. And about the importance of continuing to make a contribution, no matter how old you are.

Erin is a Designer, Marketing Specialist, Integrative Practitioner, and Certified Professional Coach. She taught Bernie that he makes a contribution just by existing. No matter how old he is (ninety-five, in case you were curious.)

This book grew out of a shared desire to make a contribution---to you, dear friend. 

with peace and love, 

Erin and Bernie

Erin and Bernie’s collaboration brings to life ancient wisdom expressed through verse and watercolor illustrations.  Each phrase and drawing captures the essential principles for loving and sharing your unique self with those around you.  With the turn of every page, the reader is invited on a journey of inner reflection and self- acceptance. This lovely little book speaks the universal language of the heart, beating in unison with the longing to be fully at peace with the gift of our unique place in creation.
– Mary E. Harwood, MEd., PBC, PCC, Personal Development Coach

Making Space for Yourself is a feast for the eyes and the soul. You will be uplifted and challenged to deeply explore how you think about yourself and who you desire to become. The illustrations are glorious, will make you smile with delight and serve to move you to a deeper place inside of your spirit. The gentle questions included in the book support and guide you. It is a book to return to time and again.
– Nan Cameron, MSN, RN, LA.c

This little book is simply lovely. The meditative imagery, empowering statements, and evocative questions weave together seamlessly, giving us, the readers, permission to pause. During an uneasy time in our shared humanity, this pause is necessary, so that we can move forward and act with intention in our greater communities. I will definitely use this book with my clients and, also, with myself!
– Hillary Rubesin, MA, LPC, REAT, Licensed Professional Counselor, Expressive Arts Therapist

Making Space for Yourself is an inspiration. The uplifting words, filled with wisdom and thoughtfulness, motivate me to be honest with my gifts and share them with others. The enlivening drawings match the words elegantly, and remind me to be creative and trust my imagination. I look forward to the creation of the whole "Drawing From the Well" series to give to friends and family.
– Janice Geller, MA, LPC, LMBT

Praise for Making Space for Yourself

Ready to make your contribution?

You have something the world needs. Find out what your unique gifts are. 

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