For times of uncertainty

Tips and strategies to cope with Coronavirus anxiety

First of all, take a deep breath. Feel the support of your chair, the floor, your bed, your car seat, wherever you are, just take a deep breath. Good. We are all together in this practice of trying to find stable ground in times of uncertainty. You are not alone, many people have been dealing with anxiety and stress. We are all grappling with questions around uncertainty, our finances and jobs, our health, and the health of our families (and those people in our families who can't seem to take this thing seriously enough!) We want to keep our immune systems strong and our minds calm, but how do we do that when the news is full of angst and no one seems to know what's going on? For some of us, it's all we can think about.



Wellness coaching can help you reduce your anxiety about Coronavirus, and resource you to stay strong and resilient.

A simple tea meditation

Choose your favorite mug or cup

Brew Your tea

Find a comfortable place to sit

Use all of your senses: what do you see. h

Other Resources from some of my teachers.

Together we can work on:

Developing and exploring strategies for dealing with the stress, uncertainty, and and fears around health, finances, and family.

Enhancing your spiritual health through exploring spiritual practices that nourish and sustain you and allow healing and transformation to occur in your life.


Claiming your spiritual health is an essential component to stress reduction and resilience.

Helping you to feel better by making lifestyle choices that lead to effective action
 and enhanced well-being.

Exploring ways to increase your ability to connect to yourself and others in more meaningful ways in the age of "physical distancing."

Enhancing mind-body connection through somatic-based coaching techniques, lifestyle recommendations and intentional practices to help you cope in times of uncertainty.

Embracing practices and creative possibilities that improve your health on all levels and help to create a sense of "space" in times of stress or constraint.


self care takes care of us all

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