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As a writer, designer, and integrative practitioner myself, I'll help you express what you do, so people say, "hell yes!" instead of, "huh?"

When people want to know about you, they’re going to look at your website. You don’t want them to go there and be like, “what the heck is Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatments?"


Or “Is this girl a hairstylist or a Reiki Master?" (The answer of course is both. And that makes you—and my hair—even more awesome.)


I have a vested interest in demystifying the language around what WE do.

Why? Because I got sick. With one of those mystery illnesses that never really goes away. 

Doctors didn’t know what to do. Even with my exceptional training, I eventually ran through everything I knew to do. And I started shopping around for other modalities that could help.


This process helped me find great practitioners and healers who didn’t spout off toxic wellness talk and blame people for feeling like shit. These wise stewards connected me with ancient wisdom practices and modern scientific methods so I now live better with what I’ve got. 

But—had I trusted their websites, social media, or brochures, I would’ve thought they were…


A.  Totally off the woo scale

B.   Hacks 

C.   Unqualified and disorganized

D.  Making shit up because their websites made no sense

E.   All of the above


When actually, none of the above was true.

Because of my training and experience, I know sound healing, polarity therapy, or praying to the wood before you make a chair isn't weird. I'm totally there with you!

But how do you market that without sounding a bit flakey?

It’s not your fault, by the way. Writing and designing content is hard. Especially for this stuff.

That’s why I do what I do. People like me really need to find people like you. So you can help us live lives with less chronic crud

(and with more chronic joy). 

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