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Hello, I'm Erin, and I'm a writer, teacher, artist, and certified wellness coach. 

I use somatic based coaching techniques, spiritual practices, and self-care strategies to help people tap into their sensitivity and empathy as tools to tune into their own sensations, emotions, and needs so they can be of service to others without becoming totally overwhelmed. When you truly care for yourself and make self care a discipline, you become stronger and more able to give to others. You make choices that are grounded in the innate wisdom of your body and commit to the things that matter to you, rather than feeling like you have to say yes to every request. Your sensitivity and empathy become allies that nourish your sense of connection, belonging, and purpose.

I know that there is no single approach that works for every person, and so I have an interdisciplinary approach to health and wellness coaching. I have specialized training in somatic-based coaching modalities, Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, and integrative and herbal medicine.

In addition to coaching, doing comedy improv, and writing, I enjoy talking to people about my wild love of tea through the North Carolina Humanities Council Road Scholars program. I love connecting with all kinds of people, and I have lived in many places — from an Airstream trailer at the base of Grandfather Mountain, to a tipi on an herb farm, to the coastal town of Southport where I owned a tea shop and wellness center. I currently work from my office in Hillsborough, NC, teaching, researching, and working with clients both in-person and through web-based and tele-coaching.

More about my training.


  • BA in Creative Writing and Holistic Studies  from Vermont College


  • NC Licensed Massage and Bodywork therapist for more than 15 years

  • Certified Professional Coach, currently pursuing ICF credentialing

  • Herbalist and holistic practitioner for 20 years

  • Wellness educator and lecturer for 15 years

  • Meditation and yoga instructor for 15 years

  • Business owner for more than 15 years

  • Lecturer, teacher, and speaker


self care takes care of us all

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