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Your life is a sacred space

When a blessing is invoked, a window opens in eternal time.

John O'Donohue

Inspired by landscape, movement, creative expression, contemplative practices and comedy improv, I invite people to awaken to more curiosity, openness and wonder in their lives.

My personal and professional background is diverse. I’m a storyteller, ritual-keeper, celebrant, writer, speaker, herbalist, body and energy worker, and business owner. These professional and personal experiences allow me to provide a multi-textured perspective and lens from which my clients can explore their place of being in the world.

When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less important whether I'm afraid.

Audre Lorde

Personal Development Coaching

Personal development coaching can help you touch in to what's meaningful for you and creates a safe container to explore, dream and plan your next steps.

Contemplative Coaching

Contemplative coaching explores practices to help you get centered, connected and in touch with your sense of belonging.

Integrative Health Coaching

Integrative Health Coaching helps you develop strategies for navigating the maze alternative therapies and empowers you to make lasting behavior changes that will support life-long well-being.

A  blessing is a circle of light drawn around a person to protect, heal and strengthen.

John O'Donohue

What is the most wonderful thing for people like myself who follow the Way of Tea? My answer: the oneness of host and guest created through "meeting heart to heart" and sharing a bowl of tea.

Soshitsu Sen

 Ignite your...

Creativity. Sense of wonder.  Innate sacredness. Health. Freedom. Curiosity. Belonging.

There are many ways to come back to the world in which you belong. This process takes time and patience and a multifaceted approach. Having the compassionate presence of someone trained to listen and guide can be a powerful catalyst. Ultimately, we become the listeners for ourselves, but first we may need someone else to help us to hear what is being said.