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Start by making space for yourself.


Hello, I'm Erin


I am a writer, teacher, and coach. I have professional coaching certification focusing on integrative healthcare and embodied leadership. I help people and organizations embrace self-care as the first step toward improving their health and well-being and the foundation for their work in the world. 

Our culture tells us that our worth is defined by working harder, exhausting ourselves, and giving to others as much as possible. If we are in pain, we should medicate. If we are tired, we need more coffee. Somehow self care has become a form of pampering that we do when we’ve overextended. Audre Lorde describes self care not as self-indulgence, but as a form of self-preservation. It is not a selfish act to care for ourselves. It is something that the givers: the business owners, teachers, activists, mothers, fathers, and ministers of the world must do. Because we envision a world where people care for one another and the Earth. 

Far from being an indulgence, self care is a rigorous discipline that makes us stronger and more able to give to others. Self care is the hard work of self-inquiry. We all have our own unique way of caring for ourselves, and coaching can help uncover that way.


There is a rich landscape of lived history, experience, and longings inside all of us. In our work together you will find the ways you come back home into your body. You will learn practices that will connect you to your personal values, the earth, and your inner wisdom. Self care allows us to be more engaged business owners, better healthcare providers, more capable parents, kinder leaders, and more loving spouses. 




How coaching can help...


Develop small, daily practices that you can use in the moment to stay calm, balanced and present in challenging environments.


Make choices that are grounded in the body and your innate wisdom.

Make an impact

Be an effective change-maker in the world by prioritizing self care.

Stress reduction

Develop strategies for befriending your sensitivity so you can effectively manage  stress, uncertainty, and health challenges.


Embodied presence means we are never alone. Create connections with your ancestral body and the beauty, mystery, and strength, of your spiritual lineage.

Feel better

Build your capacity for playfulness, humor, and curiosity as ways of managing illness, stress, and uncertainty.


Find the ways you come back home into your body. Create practices that support and calm the nervous system so you can feel more balanced, centered, and alive.

Spiritual health

Develop spiritual practices that nourish and sustain you and allow healing and transformation to occur in your life. Begin treating your spiritual health as vital to your overall health.


Access the body as a resource for connecting to the earth, to your inner wisdom, and to Spirit, so you can be grounded in your personal values when making choices.


Who I am and what I do.


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What frightens people most will one day turn to wonder.

-Richard Powers, The Overstory

Creativity. Sense of wonder.  Innate sacredness. Health. Freedom. Curiosity. Belonging.

Self care is a practice that helps you to come back to the world in which you belong. This process takes time and patience and a multifaceted approach. Having the compassionate presence of a coach trained to listen and guide can be a powerful catalyst. Ultimately, we become the listeners for ourselves, but first we may need someone else to help us to hear what is being said.