Here are three ways to work with me.



Over a three month period we will meet twice a month for one hour, either in-person or through video telehealth. In our sessions we will explore:


  • What has heart and meaning for you

  • How to develop a commitment to what matters

  • Somatic practices, bodywork and supportive therapies to help you feel better

  • Ways to bring what matters to you into form


My fee is $300 per month, which includes two 1-hour monthly sessions, as well as email and text support in between. Because making meaningful and lasting change takes time, I recommend a minimum 3-month commitment.

Small group


I offer curated small groups encouraging health, grounding and rest. During our time together we’ll explore: 

  • Embodied patterns that keep us from stepping into our own light 

  • Ways to slow down 

  • Engaging practices for cultivating confidence

  • Practices for getting into our bodies

  • Breath work, yoga and polyvagyl exercises to restore nervous system function

  • Ancestral lineage work 

  • Empowered writing techniques

  • The power and safety of community

Small groups meet for 6 weeks. This is an intimate space limited to 8 participants. 
One-time payment of $450. Enquire for payment plan options.



I offer ongoing support for when you know what you want to do but don't know where to start. I can be a sounding board, offer ideas and help with creative development and communication strategies. 


I'll get you connected with the resources you need, whether you need help with your website, ideas for writing copy, videos or multimedia. 

Fee is dependent on your individual needs. Let's talk more about your project. 

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I 'd love to tell you that change is a linear process and that after a few simple steps you'll achieve all you’ve set out to do.


In reality, it's a learning process. You are literally rewiring your brain. It's natural to bump into a roadblock or two, stumble over a few steps and feel frustrated. No worries: we'll revisit practices and fine-tune the approach so you continue to get clear.

Want to hear the good news? You are learning how to be more resourceful. You are learning about what makes you tick, how you respond under pressure and how you recover, rest and restore. We're going to get you to the place where you can coach yourself through challenges and obstacles. What you learn will serve you for a lifetime.

Enjoy these free resources to get you started. 

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access your inner warrior. 

When you connect with your body, the way forward becomes very clear. In this free training video, I'll teach you ways connect with a sense of purpose, passion and meaning. Take the first step now. 

Let's see what lights you up.


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