the process

Embodied Coaching

Embodied Coaching gets you unstuck. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, no matter what your experiences may be, working through the body will reshape your history and transform your life.

a little background

It would happen at school, in church, in restaurants and movie theaters. My mind felt calm. But my body felt anxious.

I’d search my mind for the thought that triggered the sweaty, heart pounding reaction I was having but there didn’t seem to be a connection.

I thought meditation would help.

I’d sit down on my pillow, light a candle, breathe—all that stuff that’s supposed to make you feel calm.

I wasn’t thinking of anything stressful. But my body acted like the house was on fire.

Wasn’t this stuff supposed to help me feel relaxed?

I wanted to do the work of deep transformation. I wanted to teach, write, travel and feel confident, happy and focused. I tried talk therapy, kept a journal, did relaxation techniques, connected with my guides, went on retreats, carried crystals in my pockets, drank chamomile tea and read every book I could find on personal development.

I was doing all the right things but I wasn’t feeling better.

I thought if I just got my head right my body would follow. But it was actually the other way around.

It took going to massage school, becoming a yoga teacher and seeing an Embodied Coach for me to understand that it's not "all in my head." The body has memories too. 

Practices such as:

Embodied yoga

Grounding practices

Polyvagal exercises

Ritual and embodied prayer

Somatic bodywork

Centering practices

Body awareness

 have given me the resources to process what’s coming up, rather than trying to “OM” them away.

My guides are no longer disembodied characters. They are embodied allies and teachers that are as accessible as my skin.

The 4 elements are no longer a concept but a way to fully experience myself in relationship to the worlds within and around me.


When I learned to trust my body my next steps got very, very clear.

The body always leads us home...if we can simply learn to trust sensation and stay with it long enough for it to reveal appropriate action, movement, insight, or feeling. 

pat Ogden

working with me is just right for you if you're:

  • ready to figure out what your next steps are and want to feel confident and ready to do the work you were born to do. 

  • interested in honing that feeling in your body of knowing who you are, what you are supposed to be doing, and where you need to go next.

  • a curious and optimistic person, but pain, anxiety and uncertainty leave you feeling worn out and discouraged.

  • deeply devoted to deep transformation.

  • no stranger to psychological work and are curious about yourself and the worlds within and around you. 

  • looking for a spiritually-informed way to improve your life and health. 

  • excited by grounded approaches that are based in scientific research 

  • interested in getting connected with the  healing and transformative aspects of nature, but are turned off by the woo factor of some of that stuff.

You hold your history and your habits in your muscles as well as your mind.

Your body is shaped according to your history, ancestry, longings, fears, and habits. Only talking about what you'd like to change or what your vision is – keeps you in your head. Embodied coaching invites all of yourself, including your body and spiritual self to the conversation.



how does this work?

We could take a deep dive into neuroscience here, but instead I'll give you an example:

If you want to learn Kung Fu, you don’t just read a book about it and throw yourself into the middle of a street fight (unless you want an ass kicking.) You have to physically practice and “embody” the art of Kung Fu. Then you can do the ass kicking. 

I want you to kick ass--metaphorically speaking--I want you to do that thing you were born to do and feel really good doing it. But to do that you're going to need....


Embodied practices, gentle




Develop somatic (body) awareness.

Discover what you are committed to

Get familiar with ingrained patterns that keep you stuck

Give you resources and practices that help you to change habitual patterns

Release old embodiments, give respect to old strategies and introduce healthier patterns

Create long term, sustainable change

Visualizations, daily practices and rituals, reflective writing, 



I'll teach you how to bring a whole body awareness to routine tasks, so your whole day is filled with opportunities to practice. 

You'll become more aware of how you're sitting, moving, breathing (or not breathing) so you can significantly reduce physical pain, stress, and tension.

You'll learn contemplative techniques, reflective writing, small daily rituals and practices to help shake up old, stuck patterns.

 I'll help you discover your unique way of coming into your body for the sake of centering, healing and rest.

Because making meaningful and lasting change takes time, I recommend a minimum 3-month commitment.

  • We will meet weekly for one hour embodied coaching sessions via phone or video telehealth.

  • In our first session we will talk about where you want to go, what's important to you and what you are committed to.  


  • Subsequent sessions will open new ways of looking at your habits and strategies, you'll learn practices to help you change habitual patterns that keep you stuck. 

  • You'll release old embodiments by giving respect to old strategies and introduce healthier patterns. 

  • A personalized guided practice that will enhance our weekly calls. The healing meditation is recorded and emailed to you as an audio file.

  • A little homework to include self-healing work, journal prompts, poetry, small rituals and worksheets.  


All of this is aimed at one outcome—a hightened self-awareness. This new found awareness can show up as intense confidence, elevated self control, hyper creativity, and even pride. ​​​Coach with me for the next 3 months, and together we'll make self-awareness your new superpower.