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Put your healing words to work


for healers, creative entrepreneurs, and wellness professionals

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Make more impact doing the good work you do.

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(*Hint: It starts with your own inner work.)

Do you want to help more people?

Do you want to make more impact doing the good work you do?


Of course you do!




Does a shiver of disgust ripple through your body when you think of having to promote yourself?


Does the idea of "selling yourself” sound like something your grandma says when you wear anything that shows off the badass Goddess tattoo you got in Amsterdam last summer?


Eww. Marketing. It feels like a bad word.


It’s not “spiritual.”


Do you know why?

Because most wellness marketing sucks.

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It’s either sleazy and cringe brimming with ungrounded, overinflated, nonsensical claims with huge price tags or it's just a bunch of fluff.

Look, if you want to help people they shouldn’t be struggling to find you or understand what you do.

Whatever your field — acupuncturist, artist, coach, folk-metal sound healer, or somatic psychologist — it’s your job to be clear, honest, and direct. 


Good words and design make potential clients and customers see the value of what you do and schedule ahead of time. (And buy your product or service for their friend too.)

Poor words and design can make your offering sound empty, icky, or woo-woo. They'll wonder what you’re peddling and move on.

It’s not your fault, by the way. Writing and designing content is hard. Especially for this stuff.




So stop struggling to write your own web copy or design your website. 

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Hi there, I'm Erin Coyle.

Integrative Practitioner + Media Maven +​ Wordsmith

As a  copywriter, web designer, coach, and integrative practitioner, I demystify the language around what WE do. So you can talk about your business, practice, and products in grounded, accessible, and non-flakey ways.

Together we will: clarify your direction + focus, create an enlightened website, tell an irresistible brand story, and write newsletters, emails, blogs, and sales pages all without an ounce of ew. 

Do you know why? Because when it comes to marketing, compassion and honesty are your superpowers.

If you’re committed to helping more people and making more impact doing the good work you do. Then we need to talk.

What I can help you with

The Buddha says: “Better than a thousand useless words is one useful word.” Yeah, Buddha! Easier said than done. Especially when it comes to writing your own copy. I can help you free up your copywriting Buddha, enlighten your website, blog posts, and emails, and bring out your true, articulate, storytelling Self.

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Create a look and a feel that draws clients in and captures the essence of who you are and what you do. Whether it’s on a business card, Instagram, Facebook, brochure, or your website, your ideal clients will know your logo, colors, and brand voice in a hot second. And like a tulsi chai latte, they'll want more.

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Have an idea, but aren't sure where to go with it? Can’t figure out where to focus? Need a sounding board? Want to get clear on what you're trying to say? ​Don't stress! That's what I'm here for. Get out of your head, untangle your business ideas, and have no problem paying for that week-long "educational conference" in Costa Rica.

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Sarah, Wellness Educator

I’m making more money and helping more people.

Trisha, Psychotherapist and Coach

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Erin is a media priestess.

Erin’s feedback on my about page was so helpful. She made writing about myself and my spiritual tradition beautiful. And because she’s a designer, she helped me figure out how my copy could work with my graphics. Erin is a media priestess. I felt really taken care of—mind, body, and soul.
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Erin was instrumental in ensuring the success of our program. Her coaching, and creative problem-solving, writing, and educational content created an exceptional learning experience for our students. We couldn't have run our program without her. 

We couldn't have run our program without her.

 Erin offers the perfect balance of  wit, humor, and depth in her writing. She's also a brilliant brainstormer. I never thought about offering alternative options for people who can’t afford 1:1 sessions. Now I’m actually making more money and helping more people. She’s amazing. I recommend her 100%!

Astrid, Ásatrú Priest

what's it like to work with me?

I’m a collaborator, so we’ll likely work together on your design and copy. If you get stuck or need help clarifying what you want to say we’ll squeeze in a strategy session or two to keep things rolling. Want me to take the lead and write or design for you? I can do that too. Whatever happens, you’ll walk away with a clearer direction, a stronger creative voice, and design and content that shows you at your best.


the process

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Have a chat

We'll talk about your project, goals, and where you're getting stuck. Let's find out if we're a good match, with a discovery call.


You'll complete a comprehensive intake form so we understand your business, strategy, and customers better. 

Make it so

I'll use my expertise to craft and design content/website that will make your ideal clients say, "where have you been my whole life?!"

Finishing touches

We'll make a final round of revisions to make sure your content and design sparkle. 

Wrap it up

We'll have another chat to discuss any final questions and give each other a (virtual) high five. 

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are you ready to stop struggling?

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Schedule a 15-minute discovery call to see if I’m the right person to help you make your difference.

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