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Embody your message

Create the business and life you are meant to live.

Think of your business as a house.


The walls are your website. The branding is your odd obsession with all things purple and your collection of bunny-themed highball glasses. The content is the stories told and enjoyed over plates of cheese and wine and cozy cups of tea.


Your voice… that's the foundation.

Yeah, I know. No one comes to your house and says—oh what a beautiful foundation! But…

You know what happens to a house with a bad foundation, right? If you don’t pay attention, it will crumble into a thousand pieces, ruining all the precious things inside.

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This is why the Find Your Voice process is the first step in whatever we do together. 

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There’s a place in me that knew exactly what I wanted to say.

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I’ve worked with branding agencies and coaches in the past. They asked me lots of questions about the purpose of my business, who I want to serve, and my big why, but I couldn’t produce answers that felt right to me. I’d end up miserable, frustrated, and feeling like a giant loser for not being able to articulate what I wanted. 


It wasn’t until I worked with Erin and her Find Your Voice process that I actually felt my answers. There’s a place in me that knew exactly what I wanted to say, but it didn’t speak in words. It spoke in sensations, feelings, and images. And when I tune into that place things are really freakin' clear. I now know what “no” feels like and what “yes” feels like. And I trust my body to let me know what to do next.

Elisa, Mindful Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Coach


Have a chat

Schedule a NINETY-MINUTE consultation to talk about your business, practice, goals, ideas, and where you're getting stuck or feeling overwhelmed.


Over the course of three ONE-HOUR sessions, we'll explore neuroscience-based embodied practices, visualizations, and writing exercises to spark your creativity and clarity.


Put what you're learning into action. Create content, bring more of yourself into your work, set boundaries, and create a business and life that's in alignment with your mission and values.

do the thing

Receive a customized resource guide packed with insights from our sessions.

So no matter what you're up to, you'll always tap into your unique voice and style.


from struggling to being busier than I’ve ever been.

I always felt a little hesitant when talking about what I do. Erin’s Find Your Voice process helped me uncover my unique voice, values, and mission. Now I talk and write in a way that makes people super curious about my work. I went from struggling to being busier than I’ve ever been. All in under a year! Not only that but, I love what I’m doing again. 

Jackie, Intuitive Coach & Photographer

If you want to honestly and ethically sell your products or services, you need to deeply care about and understand the people you serve.


I’ve worked with some of the best teachers in the fields of marketing, neuroscience, embodied education, and personal development to create a process designed to get you crystal clear about what you do and who you serve.

This process delivers results.

Embodying your message means you know exactly what you want to do next because you've got a mission and a vision that drives you. 


Once you nail that, we'll build an online presence that shows you at your best.

Erin Coyle, LMBT, CH, RYT, CPC

Embodied Educator, Marketing Specialist, Designer, and Certified Professional Coach

Ready to find your voice and get paid to be you?

Schedule a 15-minute discovery call to see if I’m the right person to help you

make your difference.

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