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Find Your Voice.
And stand in your power.

with creative strategy coaching

Your voice is your identity.

It’s how you present yourself in your life and work. Whether you’re a light-working lawyer, a Feng shui wielding realtor, a sacred music-maker, or do portraits of the honored dead


What you do is unique. 


And it’s vital that your business embodies that. 

This is why finding your voice is the first step in whatever we do together. 

from struggling to being busier than I’ve ever been.

I always felt a little hesitant when talking about what I do. Erin’s Finding Your Voice process helped me uncover my unique voice, values, and mission. Now I talk and write in a way that makes people super curious about my work. I went from struggling to being busier than I’ve ever been. All in under a year! Not only that but, I love what I’m doing again. 

Jackie, Intuitive Coach & Photographer


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Schedule a NINETY-MINUTE consultation to talk about your business, practice, goals, ideas, and where you're getting stuck or feeling overwelmed.


Over the course of three ONE-HOUR sessions, we'll explore  embodied practices, visualizations, and writing exercises to spark your creativity and clarity.


Put what you're learning into action. Create content, bring more of yourself into your work, set boundaries, and create a business and life that's in alignment with your mission and values.


Recieve a customized resource guide packed with insights from our sessions.

So no matter what you're up to, you'll always tap into your unique voice and style.

people want to hear what you have to say.


Let's see if I’m the right person to help you

make your difference.

Do you want to create powerful conscious content your clients will love?


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