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I've always been interested in many things:

writing, art, folklore, psychology, medicine, music, herbalism, business, spirituality, tea, and movement — just to name a few.

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I've worked in lots of fields looking to understand my passions and interests, hoping something would step forward so I could devote my life to the study of one thing and become a (fill in the blank with a nice, neat, occupational identity). 

I’ve done comedy improv, traveled around in an Airstream, been a farmer, and studied with writers, nuns, scientists, poets, magic-makers, neurobiologists, and healers. I’ve even co-authored papers with an economist.

Some years ago, hoping to find a latent talent for being something that made money and was easy to explain to people, I drove from North Carolina to Washington, DC in the middle of winter for aptitude testing. (It was like a pilgrimage to the science shamans.)


I spent two days sitting in a windowless box solving word problems and doing puzzles, all to find out that I'm good at many things (that aren't math). But most importantly...


I’m a natural storyteller, researcher, designer, and creative problem-solver. 


I have a talent for diagnosing problems and finding creative solutions to almost any quandary. People think I have magic or psychic ability (which of course I do! ) This is part of what made me a successful integrative practitioner.


Now I use these skills as a marketer, designer, and coach to those in helping professions.

Whether I’m writing, strategizing, designing the perfect graphics, or helping you figure out how to bring more wisdom into your day job—I’ll help you get paid for your generous heart, your healing hands, and your transformative art.

P.S. Please, don't waste your time working with someone who has no clue about what you do and gives you the subtle (or not so subtle) stink eye if you want to call in the ancestors, light a candle, or do some tapping before starting a project. Because of my training and experience, I know sound healing, polarity therapy, or praying to the wood before you make a chair isn't weird. I'm totally there with you!

Erin is a media priestess.

Erin’s feedback on my about page was so helpful. She made writing about myself and my spiritual tradition beautiful. And because she’s a designer, she helped me figure out how my copy could work with my graphics. Erin is a media priestess. I felt really taken care of—mind, body, and soul.

Astrid, Ásatrú Practitioner

Ready to find your voice and get paid to be you?

Schedule a 15-minute discovery call to see if I’m the right person to help you

make your difference.

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