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What is embodiment? 

It’s how your body, psyche and spirit meet in the moment.


My approach...

 Erin’s coaching style is warm, direct, nurturing and full of wisdom. She makes me feel at ease, seen and heard. She balances depth and humor with incredible skill.

-Bernie Kemp, Ph.D

What if you could reclaim a framework for tending to the health of your body, psyche, and spirit? Embodied practices open ways to navigate times of immense complexity. Cultivating a stable and flexible mind and body helps us stay centered. When we’re centered, we’re spacious and better able to handle what comes our way with equanimity and patience.



empowerment to take control of your health

Resilience practices that connect you to vision, possibilities, and healing

acceptance of yourself as you are in this moment

transformation of old patterns so you can feel more connected, open, and alive

exploration of somatic and neuroscience-based approaches that create lasting change

information that helps you make the right health care choices for you

support in developing small, daily practices that connect you to Source and invite beauty, mystery, and presence into your life

openness to experiences of curiosity and wonder

What we can work on together


Strategies for dealing with stress, uncertainty, and health challenges.

Enhanced spiritual health through exploring spiritual practices that nourish and sustain you and allow healing and transformation to occur in your life. Begin treating your spiritual health as an essential component of healing.

Feel better and learn to make healthy diet and lifestyle choices that lead to effective action
 and enhanced well-being.

 Increase your ability to connect to yourself and others in more meaningful ways.

Enhance mind-body connection through somatic-based coaching techniques, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, and intentional practices to help you make changes that stick.

Make effective changes by embracing practices and creative possibilities that improve your health on all levels. 


I define self care as the hard work of self-inquiry for the purpose of being of service to others. The self care I'm talking about is not a form of pampering, or something you do to recover from overextending. (Once you've overextended, it's no longer self care, but an opportunity to reevaluate the choices that are getting in the way of you being healthy, financially independent, mentally fit, and spiritually nourished.) Self care is something you do in the moment, every day.


You don’t need to make time to do self care. Overextending all week long, knowing that you have Saturday off to recover, is not sustainable long-term. Stress can lead to serious health consequences—such as heart disease, chronic pain, and a weakened immune response – that take time and energy away from your capacity to be centered, open, curious, and playful.

In our sessions together you will develop strategies for self care that are available to you in the moment. You will learn resilience practices that help you tune into your own sensations, and inner worlds, as well as focus on those around you, and your environment in a way that nourishes your sense of connection, belonging, and purpose.

When you truly care for yourself and make self care a discipline (just like brushing your teeth or wearing your seatbelt) you become stronger and more able to give to others. 
You become a more engaged business owner, a better teacher, a more capable parent, a kinder minister, a more loving spouse. When you practice self care, you make choices that are grounded in the innate wisdom of your body. You commit to the things that matter to you. You become the kind of person who walks the earth with a sense of sacred purpose and dignity.


How can embodied coaching help you?

What you can expect from your coaching sessions: