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Personal Development Coaching

You are passionate, creative, inspired, and curious. You are open to collaboration, are good humored and like to have fun. So why is it so hard to find meaningful work? Or perhaps you have so many interests it's hard to figure out what to focus on. Or you have just gone through a big transition—the birth or death of a loved one, changing jobs, divorce or separation, or health challenges. Personal development coaching can help you touch in to what's meaningful for you and creates a safe container to explore, dream and plan your next steps.

Integrative Health Coaching

Creating a healthy lifestyle that incorporates medical recommendations and integrative strategies can be challenging. There are so many options. Do you want to try acupuncture or mindfulness based stress reduction? Yoga or Pilates? Be Paleo or Vegan? Are the vitamins you’re taking really working? How do you make the best choices for your own health? Choosing between options is never easy. Making choices that lead to long lasting benefits requires knowing what is important to you. Integrative Health Coaching  helps you develop strategies for navigating the maze alternative therapies and empowers you to make lasting behavior changes that will support life-long well-being.

Contemplative Coaching

Contemplative coaching explores practices to help you get centered, connected and in touch with your sense of belonging. Through meditation, contemplation, empowered visualization, movement, art, writing, and the use of ceremony and sound you will have the tools to establish a meaningful, empowering and healing spiritual practice in your life.