Coaching and classes that will

light your next step

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Wouldn’t it be great to find someone who could tell you what to do with your life? Like a cosmic guidance counselor or a mystic physician who could choose the path of least resistance and and most health and happiness for you?

If only it was as easy as putting a quarter in a machine or cracking open a fortune cookie — right? But hey...

You have those moments that light you up!

A surge of affirmation, that feeling that says YES! This is the thing I want to do more of! 

But then — poof — they're gone again. You know you've got big work to do. You feel it gnawing at you. But what is it? 

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It's easy to be unsure of yourself when you feel anxiety, pain or churning uncertainty in your body. And when you don’t feel good, it’s hard to pay attention to anything else.


You want to live and you want to live well.

So what's next?

That's where I come in. 



You’re tuned into a higher calling. You're here for a reason. And your body knows what it is. 

You just need to clear up the signal so you can hear what’s calling to you.

Through a combination of one-on-one coaching sessions, embodied practices, somatic bodywork, and natural medicines you will:

  • explore practices that reveal your deepest gifts and provide stability, safety and ground

  • learn what foods, supplements and herbs are most helpful for you

  • feel more confident from that place of deep knowing so you move forward with purpose and commitment


 We're going to get you to the place where you can resource yourself through challenges and obstacles. What you learn will serve you for a lifetime.

You've got something to offer.
Even if you don’t know what it is just yet.

Let's see what lights you up.


Schedule a no-cost discovery call to see if I’m the right person to help you

make your difference.

I can provide support where you need it most. 

In my experience, the perpetually curious, esoterically-minded and multi-passionate get stuck in one or all of the following areas:


Before you can achieve your vision for your life and health, you need to get clear on what your vision is.

I'll help you to be more intentional in your work and personal life.


You'll cultivate the mental, emotional and spiritual capacity necessary to create clear boundaries and tune into your inner knowing. 


 Research shows that having a sense of purpose and meaning makes you live longer, even if you smoke, drink and sit on the couch watching old episodes of Star-Trek instead of working out at the gym. I'm not advocating that but just saying...

Doing what you’re born to do is powerful medicine.

We'll explore supportive strategies such as herbs, somatic therapies, nutrition and supplements to address underlying imbalances and get you feeling better. 


You've taken enough workshops, read enough books, gone to enough webinars on how to (fill in the blank with those bad-ass things you never get tired of learning about.) Now what? How do you put all that awesomeness into action?


I’ll teach you embodied practices that get you into your body.


When you feel grounded, you can get out of your head and step into your life with confidence and clarity.

Somatics is the science of how we experience ourselves in the present moment. Embodied (Somatic) Coaching takes all of you into account: sensations, thoughts, feelings, intuitions, inspirations,  ancestral lineages, longings and vision. It is backed by scientific research and also open to the mysterious forces, both known and unknown, that shape us.